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Sometimes a couple of seconds is required to hold on an individual to life. People can survive in less than a minute and ambulance aircrafts help people survive and hold on to life. Air ambulance aircraft chartering does not seem as an expensive means of transportation when costs are compared to the acquired services as well as considering the fact that aircrafts are the most efficient means of patient transportation for the survival of the patient.

The one way concept of jet ambulance aircraft prices covers a single flight whereas the term of round trip includes both the departure and return flights of passengers. In addition to a doctor, the professional medical crews of Plures air ambulances consist of well-educated and capable members to perform any emergency medical intervention during a flight. Plures Air air ambulance aircraft chartering prices vary with respect to the demanded service because the costs are determined according to the duration and type of flights such as one way or round trips as well as the type of chosen aircraft. For instance, the prices of private jet ambulances are different than the turboprop aircraft prices. In case an extremely safe and comfortable transportation is demanded of Plures Airlines; the family, doctor or the medical institution of the patient sign a contract with Plures Air. Before signing the contract, the professional crew of Plures Airlines determines the costs and the prices of the demanded service and comprehensively informs the client in a very short time.

Air ambulances are utilized in situations such as organ transplants, first aid, natural disasters, medical evacuations, patient transfers or wars for an emergent transfer of the patient or the injured from the hazardous environment therefore the cost of an air ambulance remains insignificant besides the most valuable fact; the survival of a human being. Air ambulance chartering is a widely preferred service around the world; primarily by individuals, institutions and hospitals as well as medical companies. The leading and innovative aviation company Plures unites its safe and comfortable service with a professional medical crew. In aviation services, aircraft charter can be performed in any field. To illustrate the point, passenger aircraft charter, cargo aircraft charter, jet aircraft charter or air ambulance charter might be mentioned. Air ambulance chartering services require more experience, care and discretion when compared to other types of aircraft charter services. The presence of a doctor and a nurse among the flight crew is immensely important due to the fact that in some cases emergency medical interventions might be required for the survival of the patient.

The costs and prices of air ambulance charters which provide such a crucial service vary depending on the properties of the charter.

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