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The glowing star of aviation sector, Plures Air offers rational solutions by high quality and affordable price plans in cargo aircraft chartering services as well. Today, Plures Air reflects its aviation experience over 10 years in the best way, in every provided service; demonstrating its difference in cargo aircraft chartering services as well. Plures Air provides the best alternatives for its clients considering factors such as the quantity of the freight, the destination, the chartering time etc. This way, Plures Air customers attain the best service with the most economic prices.


One of the most credible corporations of aviation sector, Plures Air charters air cargo aircrafts which are latest technology, modern aircrafts that are specifically designed for freight transportations. Plures can also provide different options for its clients such as jet or turboprop aircraft types. Specifically, the jet air cargo aircrafts are chartered for urgent situations as well as light freight transportation.


The air cargo aircraft chartering services are especially preferred for commercial businesses such as import and export. Air cargo aircraft chartering comes forward as a very advantageous way in the transportation of heavy and massive materials, automotive parts, petrol and gas, valuable goods, naval and aviation equipments, agrarian products and many other goods from various sectors and different categories. The professional crews of Plures, conduct every necessary proceeding in packaging, customs and stocking phases of the freights in every detail. In addition, professional Plures team guides our clients to charter the right cargo aircraft in order to enable to perform the most suitable service for a lower price.


Providing air cargo aircraft chartering services for a considerably extensive and eminent client portfolio, Plures Air is preferred for its fast, qualified and reliable service. Plures is capable of providing 24/7 available cargo aircraft chartering services in any airport around the world at any demanded hour of the day. Plures offers flexibility presenting different options in accordance with the demands and requests of the clients. Especially in cross continent loaded product transportations the cargo aircraft chartering services of Plures Air stand out as the best transportation solution.

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