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The jet air ambulance aircraft types are faster than turboprop air ambulances hence these type of aircrafts are widely preferred in long distance flights as well as in situations where very urgent transfer of a patient is required. The aircrafts which utilize jet motors to fly are called jet aircrafts. Jet ambulance aircrafts carry patients in higher altitudes and to long destinations while ambulance aircrafts which operate by propeller forces are utilized for patient transfers in lower altitudes and shorter destinations.

Jet aircraft ambulances were first utilized in America then popularized around the world. In addition to the required medical equipments; jet air ambulances include a doctor, nurse and similar other professional health attendants. Plures sustains its preeminent place among the leading corporations of aviation sector in jet air ambulance aircraft chartering services; providing credible alternatives for its clients as always.

Prioritizing human life, Plures Airlines provides 24 hours and 7 days of available air ambulance services with a professional crew and latest technology medical devices for emergency conditions where even seconds count for patients.

Jet ambulances carry not only patients bu also the decesed bodies which needs to be transferred to remote destinations as well. For instance, individuals who lose their lives in a terror incident or a natural disaster are carried by ambulance aircrafts in case they are going to be burried in remote areas.

Before providing a jet ambulance aircraft service every precaution needs to be taken meticulously since patient evacuations are conducted. For this reason, ambulance aircrafts include intensive care units or incubators; in some cases both of them at the same time. In addition, the presence of artificial ventilation devices in air ambulances are extremely crucial as well.

Jet ambulance aircrafts stand out as the greatest helpers of health sector in medical operations conducted against time. In medical operations conducted against time the comfort of the patient is immensely important as well. A patient who is ill and have a life threat is comfortably transferred to the hospital utilizing jet ambulances. Faster than sound, utilizing jet ambulance aircrafts the patient is aimed to be transported to the hospital in the most emergent way and a safe environment maintaining the health condition as much as possible.

The Utilization Fields of Jet Ambulance Aircrafts

• Air ambulances are utilized in organ transportations.

• Air ambulances are required when emergency patient evacuation is demanded.

• In situations where city traffic negatively affects the health condition of the patient, air ambulance aircrafts are preferred.

• In situations where the health condition of the patient is not suitable for long journeys.

• In evacuations due to inadequate hospital conditions.

• In treatments to be conducted abroad.

• Air ambulances are utilized for the fast transfer of the injured people from disaster areas.

• In situations where highway transportation is unavailable due to bas weather conditions.

• Jet air ambulance aircarfts are utilized in situations where a race against time is conducted in order to save time and rescue the life of the patient.

Jet air ambulance aircrafts are generally chartered for individuals privately, corporations, hospitals and insurance companies to conduct patient evacuations or to provide medical support. Anyone or any corporation can utilize this service in any time of the day when necessary. In case you also demand a jet air ambulance aircraft, Plures Air is at your service with its fully equipped jet ambulance aircrafts.

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