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The aircrafts of turboprop air ambulance chartering service possess a larger capacity when compared to jet motor air ambulances. The medical accoutrement freights or the transportation of health personnel is performed much easier utilizing turboprop air ambulances due to the large space and passenger capacity of these aircrafts. There is a common belief that turboprop motors are inferior to the jet motors since jet motors are the product of a newer technology. However, these two technologies and their fields of utilization are quite different. Turboprop air ambulances can land on short airfields in any regional flight and for this reason are always more advantageous. The turboprop aircrafts are utilized for mail services in all regional flights worldwide.

The air ambulance service is quite popular due to the conveniences it offers. One of the most crucial factors in air ambulance services is doubtless the choice of a suitable aircraft and the proper configuration of it. It is vital to use accoutrements which can accommodate any patient.

The most suitable aircraft type for air ambulance services is without a doubt the jet aircrafts. These jet type aircrafts are separated into two categories as jet motor and turboprops. Plures Air provides both types of ambulance aircrafts in its fleet. The differences of these aircrafts can shortly be summarized as follows: jet air ambulances simply possess jet motors. The jet motored aircraft gains pace and can fly in higher altitudes which enables the aircraft to move faster. The inner space of jet aircrafts are very suitable to be designed as ambulances. However, due to turbines jet aircrafts does not have fuel economy. On the other hand, turboprop air ambulances possess turboprop motors in other words they operate by propellers not turbines. Turboprop aircrafts do not demand long and smooth airfields like jet aircrafts and can even land on hard grounds. In addition, the fuel of turboprop aircrafts can be easily supplied. For this reason, turboprop aircrafts are more affordable due to the low fuel level they consume on air when compared to jet motor aircrafts which is an economic advantage as well.

You can contact Plures Air and request help on air ambulance services even at last minute as well as for your planned flights. As soon as we get an alarm from you; we immediately prepare our ambulance aircrafts for flight. The health crew, flight crew, land service team instantly get coordinated to provide you the most suitable service in shortest time possible.

Jet air ambulances or turboprop air ambulances; Plures Air is at service of its valuable clients for 24 hours and 7 days with latest technology modern aircrafts as well as a professional health / flight crew.

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