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The private air ambulance service enables both a safe and a comfortable transportation to your destination providing you a peculiar service by means of the latest medical technology.

A delayed highway transportation results in a postponed emergency medical intervention which is an important factor of casualty. Private air ambulances are developed with a technology to prevent such incidents; these aircrafts enable fast transportation and immediate intervention under a risk-free, fully-equipped and comfortable environment for the patient; private air ambulances are rescuers of hazardous emergency situations. Independent of the residing country or city of the patient; private air ambulances reach the destination of the patient and render first aid as soon as possible then safely and comfortably transport the patient to the nearest airport available to the destination hospital. The private air ambulance aircrafts possess all the necessary ambulance accoutrements and are maintained regularly to provide a trustable and secure service with a professional medical crew.

You should prefer a qualified and professional corporation with a trust-worthy service policy for private air ambulance chartering services. Therefore, perform a comprehensive research about companies providing aviation services and chose a company which earns your credence. In case you need to go to a remote hospital with an emergency patient and you have a serious time limitation, Plures Air offers you a fully equipped, comfortable and at the same time an economic private air ambulance chartering service; aiming to provide a unique help quality for you by a professional coordination in your hard and emergent times.

Plures Air takes you to your destination hospital in a safe and fully dedicated way by private air ambulance aircrafts which possess a comfort designed considering your health utmost level. All required emergency medical interventions will be meticulously performed during flight. Plures Air offers very economic private air ambulance chartering prices. Prioritizing health and life quality, Plures Air is available for you whenever you demand an air ambulance service.

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