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Plures Air provides private jet chartering services in optimal conditions for individuals or corporations who value time. One of the leading corporations of aviation sector with the experience over 10 years, Plures operates by the principle of hundred percent customer satisfaction in private jet chartering services as well. Plures Air provides the best solutions for a trouble-free, comfortable and fast way of transportation.


Our company offers four basic private jet chartering options: light, mid-size, long and ultra long. The light jets are recommended for 5-8 passenger groups for 2-3 hours short flights. Mid-size category jets can also carry up to 8 passengers but possess a 1-2 hours more destination range than light jets. Crowded groups on the other hand can utilize heavy jets. Heavy jets own a capacity up to 19 passengers in addition to a considerably wide cabin.


The flight crew of Plures Air private jet chartering service consists of highly educated and very experienced members. Each flight is performed by a two-captain crew. Plures Air private jet chartering services are available for 24 hours and 7 days without a break. The aircraft you charter will be prepared as soon as possible in accordance with your flight schedule for the exclusive Plures Air travel you demand. You can call our support line for your questions and problems any time of the day. Our company is capable of providing worldwide services hence you can demand a charter from any country around the world.


The private jet chartering services offer many advantages for both individuals and corporations. It is possible to escape the delays, transfers and queues utilizing this service. The flexible departure and landing opportunities of private jet chartering service provides its users an important time gain. This way, individuals who prefer private jets turn their time into profit. The flight preparation of these private jets in couple of hours in accordance with the schedules of the passengers; make private aircraft chartering service an optimal solution for urgent travel demands. Private jets are considerably appealing with their comfort and prestige as well.

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