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In case you demand domestic or international empty leg air ambulance chartering services by Plures Air exclusives or want to get more information on empty leg air ambulance chartering contact us and learn where and when empty leg flights are available. Thus targeting a faster and more qualified service our company will be honored to provide instant services for you.

The more developed the technology of aircraft, the more fields it started to demonstrate itself in addition to passenger transportation. The latest technology aircrafts provide freight and delivery services via air cargo alternatives, business men utilize jets for private flights and air ambulances serve the health care industry. No doubt, the aircraft technology is vitally important for the health sector which races with time. Plures Air can provide air ambulance chartering services any moment you demand. Any kind of air ambulance, suitable for your demands is available in Plures aircraft fleet, in addition our company provides chartering alternatives with empty leg opportunities as well. The accoutrements of our air ambulance aircrafts reflect the latest technology of our day while we serve you with professional medical and flight crew.

We offer turboprop or jet air ambulance chartering options as air ambulance chartering alternatives. You can demand Plures help even at last minute. Any flight can be listed independent of the destination; domestic, regional or international.

One of the most important features of air ambulance chartering services economically is the provided empty leg flights. After the transfer of a patient/injured/organ in case the aircraft returns empty, more affordable flights are scheduled to fill the empty flights in accordance with your requests. These types of flights are named as empty leg flights. Our company struggles to keep the ambulance aircrafts of Plures available and beneficial in order to provide a consistent air ambulance chartering services at any time demanded to any point rather than performing empty flights. We assess each and every notification and feedback we receive via phone, mail or online request forms and organize our flights accordingly. For instance, in case an air ambulance returns empty from a flight assessing the previous notification you gave, we navigate you to the air ambulance instantly. In addition to being a faster choice, Plures Air provides more economic advantages.

Plures Air, proves its experience via the flight hours it has performed. If you also want the help of this professional crew and meet credible and fast service quality, contact us via online request forms now.

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