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In the globalizing world, the time and speed has become very important factors especially for commercial businesses which increase service demands for private aircraft chartering every other day. Today, there are many aviation companies providing this service however Plures Air has become one of the preeminent actors of the field by the credence, quality and affordable price policy.


Plures Air offers a considerably extensive aircraft fleet for individuals or corporations who demand a private aircraft charter. Our company is capable of providing ambulance, cargo, private jet and passenger aircraft chartering services. Plures produces the most suitable solutions for its clients presenting various alternatives depending on the passenger capacity and flight ranges.


One of the most important private aircraft chartering alternatives provided by Plures Air is ambulance aircrafts which save lives in emergency patient evacuations or organ transplants. Plures can provide air ambulance services every hour of every day with aircrafts which possess all the required accoutrements as well as professional medical crews. On the other hand, private jet aircrafts are widely preferred for urgent situations of the business world. The passenger aircrafts are preferred for more crowded group organizations, tours or travels. The cargo aircrafts found in Plures fleet are increasingly demanded for freight transportations.


Plures Air performs its highly secure and comfortable aircraft chartering service with a two captain flight crew. Our company prepares the demanded aircraft for flight in a very short time after the private aircraft charter is requested by the client. The domestic requests can be fulfilled within two hours whereas international demands are met within 24 to 48 hours depending on the remoteness of the client.


Plures Air offers a considerably stable price policy for all aircraft chartering services. Our company works with the most economic prices possible relative to the provided service quality. All Plures private aircraft charter service costs are determined according to the hourly rate of the chosen aircraft and the time it is going to be used. The request forms found on our internet site can be filled to acquire more information on price plans.

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