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The air ambulance is among the services of the leading aviation company, Plures which gained the appreciation of its clients by the unique quality and credence it provides in the international aviation arena. The medically equipped jet aircrafts which have been utilized almost a century today mostly in emergency conditions, domestic or global patient evacuations are named as air ambulances. Plures Air provides on time, positive, safe and qualified air ambulance services for its clients with the latest technology, fully-equipped air ambulances in its fleet as well as the professional health attendants.

Each aircraft of the Plures fleet has been chosen among the aircrafts which has gained a global customer approval and appreciation and has been manufactured by world class, famous and credible companies. All Plures aircrafts possess the latest technology and are controlled and maintained regularly. Plures Air presents two alternative types of air ambulances in its structure; turboprop and jet aircrafts; ready for flight services in 60 to 90 minutes after the client request. The air ambulances provide precipitous and efficient solutions for the urgent demands of the health industry such as domestic and international patient evacuations, organ transportations, medical and technical freights and so on while the medical interventions and first aids performed by the cabin crew of these aircrafts consisting of professional health teams and experienced doctors save lives.

Plures air ambulance chartering is merely a click away from you with an always accessible well-educated Plures team, a comprehensive and informative internet site and a 24 hours and 7 days available support line. You can easily contact us via the preference of your choice from your seat; get answers to your questions and beat your worries. By the comprehensive information provided to you; you not only save time by choosing the most suitable aircraft for you or your company but also attain the exact worth of your money.

Medical services in the sky


he international aviation company, Plures Air owes the growing service demand it has gained around the world to the service philosophy based on customer satisfaction. Plures team has adopted the philosophy of Plures Air in addition to the proved success and the exclusive education they receive. The success means customer satisfaction for our company. The most sacred members of Plures family; the health teams of Plures air ambulances not only perform first aids but are also capable of conducting operations as well as treatments concerning vital organs such as heart or the respiratory tracks in addition to a much more qualified knowledge and experience requirement than regular first aid teams, physicians and doctors due to possible health risks that require optimum medical competency during flights. Plures Air offers the comfort and safety of a hospital within the limited circumstances and the space of ambulance aircrafts under the supervision of professional health team and doctors of Plures air ambulances, who consider this an obligation as well as a responsibility. As a matter of fact, Plures ambulance aircrafts possess world class hospital equipments and are capable of supporting any operational or medical intervention required during a flight.

One of the two air ambulance types that Plures Air offers, the turboprop ambulance aircrafts as in every Plures service, possess no difference than jet air ambulances in terms of comfort and safety. However, turboprop air ambulances perform slower flights when compared to jet ambulance aircrafts and carry only a single patient at a time but is capable of landing on shorter airfields and becomes ready for flight much faster with affordable maintaining costs. On the other hand, the jet air ambulances of Plures can fly faster and travel longer destinations. The Plures jet ambulance aircrafts are capable of carrying two patients at a time when necessary and due to their mobility pace jet air ambulances are the number one choice of emergency situations.

The required medical device and equipments in patient evacuation aircrafts demanded by the ministry of health consist of a blood pressure monitor, a portable oxygen unit, automatic external defibrillator and a basic medical supply kit. In addition, Plures air ambulances include stretcher systems, heart monitor devices, blood pressure gauges, pumps, and the solutions, oxygen , pulse oximeters , regulators, emergency medicine boxes, masks and ventilators, infusion pumps and intubation equipments. Plures air ambulances and health team enable to supply the greatest care for human health both in emergency situations and global or domestic patient evacuations; standing out as the most credible investment for your company or your beloved ones.

Empty leg alternative

The utilization of the aircrafts which fly empty to its service destination by additional company, corporation or individuals is called empty leg service. Plures Air offers empty leg services in all kinds of flight categories from air cargo to private aircraft and private jets. As a matter of fact, air ambulance is also one of these categories with available empty leg flights. You can perform many successful medical equipment freights, organ or patient transfers utilizing empty leg air ambulance opportunity in your area for more economic prices. Plures empty leg air ambulances which you can charter in the name of your company or individually never compromise the quality and safety standards of Plures. Plures proves its service quality once again by the domestic and global successes it performs as well as the credibility and safety it offers to its clients. Any duty concerning you and your health is considered sacred for our corporation and conducted with optimum care and sensitivity since Plures considers your contentment a duty as well. Charter one of the Plures air ambulances suitable for your demands which can be at your service less than couple of hours now. Call our 24 hours and 7 days accessible and available, non-stop operating Plures support line for the ones you protect, for your health and for your contentment. You can demand services any time of the year for four seasons and twelve months any time you like. Plures Air operates flexible; capable of supporting you under any condition.

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