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Plures Air proves its corporative experience by its completed flight hours and successfully susatains providing the following services for years:

- Air ambulance services

- Private jet charter

- Private passenger aircraft charter

- Air cargo services

- Cargo aircraft charter

All these services are provided in accordance with your flight requests. This means, you can perform comfortable flights without the nightmare of waiting in the airports or the worry of losing your baggage or missing your plane.

Plures Air provides all these services for minimum prices and in maximum safety and quality for its valuable clients. You do not have to go to an airport or an office to buy all these exclusive services either. A single call is enough to acquire more detailed information. You can perform online reservations or complete your chartering processes from our site as well. In case you demand a private jet or a private passenger aircraft charter you can instantly contact us using online request forms found on our site. The most suitable flight hours for your schedule will be prepared by our experienced team in accordance with your demands and the most suitable aircraft for your request will be chosen and present at your service. You can also charter the aircraft you demand filling the online request form on our site. Either for your business travels and meals or for the pleasure of a comfortable flight experience as Plures Air we chose the most suitable aircraft for your demands and offer it to your service. Contact us in case you want to experience unforgettable moments or propose in sky and have unforgettable memories. The most appropriate aircraft for your demands will be prepared according to your requests and be present at your service. You can find our online request forms on our site.

The online Plures aircraft chartering services are available for jet air ambulance and turboprop air ambulances as well. The organ transportation is a serious operation. The utilized equipments and the help of an eminent crew are crucial. Our air ambulances are at your service in organ transportation operations. The Plures jet air ambulances can fly in higher altitudes thus move faster. The vitality of air ambulances cannot be overlooked in health sector where even minutes are considered important. Plures Air recommends turboprop air ambulances for any kind of medical freight transportation as well as the transfers of medical teams. You can instantly fill our online request forms to get more detailed information about the subject.

You can utilize our online passenger aircraft chartering services in case you need to travel as a group for your business meetings or employee transfers. In any group travel you plan, as Plures Air family, we are at your service with our experienced team. You can fill the online request forms immediately for Plures services.

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